5 Steps to Creating a Travel Bucketlist

Before I set up my travel bucketlist– I holidayed in the same location every year- Bali.

Now don’t get me wrong I love love love Bali but after 10 years of being on auto pilot with my holidays. I decided that time was a ticking & if I didn’t make a conscious list of sites and countries I wanted to see and experiences I wanted to have… I would wake up at 80 and have some major regrets, and while I accept that life doesn’t come with a set expiry date, I also wanted to live a full life and for me that meant seeing as much as I can of this beautiful planet along my life journey.

But where to start….

Step 1 Make a list

  • This is a personal list to you, what interests you?
  • I recommend doing Google image searches on things that interest you (this can be locally or globally) and then copying and pasting the images that you like into PowerPoint to create a storyboard for yourself ( Please see example in the pictures I have attached to this post)
  • Lately I have stated to  Google images of places I want to see on my mobile phone and then I save these images in my photos and from here I create albums- so I can easily see my bucketlist album at anytime. This also allows me to  review and add to my list at anytime & anywhere ( I love the practicality of this 🙂 )
  • When I did my list I Googled historic buildings globally, wonders of the world, best beaches, unique buildings globally, unique bridge, unique hotels etc I like seeing things that are unique and different. I then copied images that appealed to me and that “spoke”to me into either PowerPoint or my photo’s on my mobile phone.
  • I devoted a PowerPoint page ( or on my mobile I just create different albums) for each category e.g. best beaches. I am a very visual person so I like to have pictures that I can connect with. This was my wish bucketlist.
  • Add to the wish bucketlist as you see, read about or hear of things that appeal to you, and your circumstances change.

Step 2 Prioritise the list

  • Sometimes when you do the list it can be quite overwhelming to think “how am I going to see & do all this”- but you can do a lot more than you think, if you chunk it down or prioritize into smaller individual breaks.  Just keep in mind that a bucketlist is like a to do list only there isn’t a set date to achieve everything by.
  • I am a firm believer in the saying “ if you don’t know where you’re going any road will take you there” so I personally find having a travel bucketlist focuses my energy on achieving my travel goals and having some unforgettable  experiences in life.
  • Based on your circumstances- be they financial, holiday availability, threats in that part of the world, availability of your travelling companion ( if no travelling solo)  etc decide what you can do each year for the next 3-5 year. This could include day trips in your town or state, weekends away, mini breaks or holidays. The important thing is to decide what you want to do coupled with what you can do.

Step 3 Start Planning

  • Start looking at the cost of airfares, accommodation, car rentals, visa ( if required), sites you want to see, activities you would like to do, currency exchange, cost of boarding pets ( if you have them), dining experiences you may want to have for your initial trip.
  • Look at alternatives, for example travelling in the low season can be a lot cheaper for both airfares and accommodation.
  • Look at different air carriers and different levels of accommodation.

Step 4 Start Saving

  • You should have a pretty good idea of what the trip will cost by now. So now’s the time to make the bucketlist a reality.
  • Look at the total cost of the trip and work out how much you need to save per month to be able to afford to go.
  • For example if I need to save $1200 in 12 months this means I will need to save $100 per month to reach my goal.

Step 5 Hit the Road

  • Before you know it the year is up & it’s time to tick this trip off your travel bucketlist.

If you have any questions on creating your travel bucketlist , please don’t hestite to get in touch with us- via the contact us page on this blog.


PS All images for this post have been sourced via google and belong to their respective owners



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